Craft matters

Life is more than work. Life is about seeking, Finding. Exploring. Creating. Revising. Modifying. Developing. Designing. Learning. Sharing.

Kerrie uses a wheelchair to take Lucy for walks around the suburb.
Kerrie uses a wheelchair to take Lucy for walks. This means they can go further and faster than if she was using crutches. It also makes it clearer where cracks make the pathway uneven.

fair v equal

Expressing yourself is important.

Here are some of the ways Kerrie likes to unwind, ponder over issues, reframe thoughts and develop plans.

In her days of swimming competitions this often happened while going up and down that ever present black line in the pool. A few laps- problem solved/ exam and test reviews begun. How? Well, taking a break from pressing concerns gives space. Space to be mindful, meditate, relax and unwind.

Time to renergise even if the body is sore from training. Many an essay was penned after a heavy sprint or long distance session (then dinner) once the writer’s block evaporated and the pen was free to fly along the page again. (This was the age before computers!)

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