A series on gratitude

2014-08-24 18.03.30
Sometimes home was where I wasn’t – a place to go back to where I felt loved, accepted, safe and happy. A refuge. Where history was. Then it became where new history was developing and where old history existed.
Now home is where I choose it to be, whenever and however I decide to refer to it.
So now my home base is with hubby and pupster- still living the same values of yore that evolve over time – where I am loved, accepted, and love and create. A cosy, “gemuetlich”, fun and reliable place.

It’s also home of course where I grew up, developed my own unique personality and quirks alongside taking on tradition and customs of ancestors, where I formed my initial likes and preferences and where I moved to when I moved out of the family circle on my own two feet for the first time.

Home is more than bricks and mortar. it is a the feeling of landing in a country where forebears travelled across the seas from a time long gone leaving links and affiliations long standing, some hidden, some visible.
So the gratitude for today is that home can expand as family and life experiences expand. Somewhere I can continue to be my gemini self with ever changing thoughts, dreams, goals and aspirations, that express who I am and what is important to me, a place for immediate and extended family and friends to be- to meet – old, new and yet to be.
2011 to 2012 xmas 046

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