Poo and you

Everyone does it. It’s a universal fact. It gives relief. It hurts. it makes you feel better. It is not potpourri despite what is said. People poo. Pets poo. Insects poo. Mice poo. 

So why am I writing about it? Well, part of respecting and understanding people involves identifying when someone has an issue they have no control over. It’s called incontinence. It can’t be helped. It can be managed.

No matter how hard some people try. Or how many times you visit the bathroom before going somewhere. Having a neurological bladder means that it is generally tricky, not necessarily impossible, but difficult to train your bladder or bottom to behave as you want it to. This can be distressing, uncomfortable, and most importantly – embarrassing and frustrating.

Swearing at someone or getting upset because this has happened is not acceptable. It achieves nothing – other than perhaps making the support person feel better-while making the person it happened to feel embarrassed , humiliated and more. The issue still needs addressing.

Many people get used to their personal body space being less private than desirable. It doesn’t mean they like it. It is just the way things have to be.  So face up to it. The right to poo is tied to the right for respect and understanding. A bit of compassion (not pity) goes a long way.

Consider the old adage think before you speak.  Especially if supporting someone is part of your JD.

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