The Importance of taking time out

Lucy loves walks. It’s our time out. Time to go and check how the baby ducklings are faring on the Booragoon lake. Time to met new and old friends (canines and their humans). Time to plan talks and practise them. Time for exercise and a breather from the computer.

It’s also time to see how the neighbourhood is progressing. Is the verge now accessible? Does it have a ramped kerb now instead of a jagged steep step? Has that sand pothole been covered over? Are the kangaroo paws in bloom? Is the cracked pavement easier to negotiate? How many car drivers will look friendly or inquisitively at us.

Today’s meander along the board walk and along the park ended with the friendly, positive inquiry of a tradesman asking my hubby and me if we knew where new homes might be near lock up stage. Others were out and about in the street. Yes. Remarkable. No. Just a person taking time to have a chat and seek assistance from us as we crossed over into our driveway; a stranger who gave Lucy a friendly greeting then went on his way confident he was now heading in the right direction-since the potential employer had his mobile on silent.

Neighbourhood connections. Acceptance and community sharing.

Feeling fit. Satisfied.

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